Essay: The Basic Soccer Player Kit

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Essay: The Basic Soccer Player Kit

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The basic soccer player kit constitutes of a pair of boots, jersey, short, socks and shin guard. The players can decide whether to wear glove and headgear or not. Other attires such as chains and watches are forbidden. The goalkeeper must wear unique attire in order to be differentiated from other players. This is because it is only the goalkeeper who can handle the ball with hands within the penalty area only. The captain of both team are required to wear armbands. More so, the referees must also wear closes, which must be differentiated from those of the players.

It is until recently when the International football association come up with the stand size of an international football pitch that measures 105 meters long and 67meters width. The assistant referees run along the touchlines while the goalkeeper is allowed to handle the ball within the penalty area. The goal posts are 7.32 meters apart while their height is 2.44 meter. The penalty area has many other functions such as defining the position of the players during kick off, corner kicks or goal kicks.

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