Essay: Basic Principles of Football

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Essay: Basic Principles of Football

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Though the actual date when soccer began to be played is not known, is evident that the game has drastically changed overtime with some unconfirmed information claiming that it was played with a combination of hands and feet. It is imperative to touch on some basic principle of football. It is played by foot by two team consisting of eleven individuals and seven reserves commonly referred to as substitute who replace three of the eleven men for reasons better know by the respective team coach (team manager).

The game is played in time period of two halves each half constituting of forty five minutes. After each half, the referee adds some extra time lost during the game. After the first half, the teams are allowed to rest for 15 minutes. The scoreboard determines the winner of the game at the end of ninety minutes. Depending with the governing body rules and regulation, in case the ninety minutes ends in a goalless, the team can either be added thirty minutes made of fifteen minutes halves and incase the end up goal less, a penalty shootout ensues to determine the winner. Alternatively, irrespective of the scoreboard, at the end of the ninety minutes, the referee terminates the game or a penalty shootout ensues.

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