Essay: Basic Human Rights

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Essay: Basic Human Rights

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Basic human rights that include the right to a fair trial are a triumph of humanity. Basic human rights belong to everyone, everywhere. Regardless of the part of the globe where they live or find themselves, people are just as human and are equally entitled to their basic human rights. Likewise, people do not become less entitled to basic human rights the moment they are accused of a crime.

Certainly, the United States and China differ greatly in the manner by which their criminal justice policies reflect basic human rights, The adversarial system of the United States and the inquisitorial system of China are worlds apart in regard to the extent to which they promote the right of persons accused of a crime to a fair trial. Furthermore, the developments in China that give greater respect to basic human rights may not be taking place as quickly as some might prefer.

But the fact that reforms are taking place is undeniable. Furthermore, the reforms that have been set into motion have not stopped.

Indeed, cultural relativism has been used to explain China’s supposed failure to promote human rights (Amann, 2000, p. 857). Now perhaps the same cultural relativism simply explains China’s own unique pace in evolving a better way to promote basic human rights within its borders.

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