Essay: Basic Business Law

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Essay: Basic Business Law

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The issues that relate to the real estate business, exposes the landlord and the tenant to some difficulties and challenges in identifying their role, rights and obligations. In a wider scope of approach to basic business law that pertain landlord tenant statues; there are various areas that concerns the tenant’s rights. These main areas are Tenants’ Basic Rights, Eviction and Lease Termination, Rent and Security Deposits, Leases and Rental Agreements, Tenants and Fair Housing, Landlord Repairs and Maintenance and Tenant Safety and Landlord Liability. These are the content of the tenant law (David, 2007, pp. 62).

However as the objective of the paper; the main purpose of the paper shall be to look at the clause that regards Landlord Repairs and Maintenance in relation to the case of Sam and Tom. In this respect, it is a point of worthy to point out that basic tenant rights re entitled to all tenant race, age and gender notwithstanding.  This is according to federal law provisions, the land lord is obliged to repair and maintain the rental premise so that the tenants can be assured their safety and health conditions. Therefore, this vital basic human want is a crucial and critical success factor for the business world today. More so the condition of the rented premise precedes the availability in order to enhance utility of the facility.

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