Essay: Background-Eating Disorders

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Essay: Background-Eating Disorders

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In this modernized world, most women have a perception that they do use to evaluate their worthy in the society. It is perceived that for a civilized and modern woman, success, beauty and acceptance are evaluated on the basis of their body thinness. Thus the culture of modern world has put great emphasis on the body image and thinness; hence it can be attributed to as core to the development of eating disorders.  In this regard, Eating disorders occur when there is a disturbance of eating habits or weight control behavior, which results in a clinically significant impairment of physical health or psychosocial functioning or both impairments (Foulks, 1998, pp. 78).

Researchers have established that that many women are dissatisfied with their bodies and have a negative body image due to their perception of the cultural standard of the society. Furthermore, women have opinion as to whether or not they meet this cultural standard relative to the opinions of other members of that culture. As a result internal and external pressures based on the cultural opinions forms major influence in the development of eating disorders. Therefore this has been point of contention to whether the entire methodologies used to evaluate these opinions are validity in relation to the outcomes of the finding.

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