Essay: Avoiding Tooth Decay

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Essay: Avoiding Tooth Decay

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It is of paramount importance to note that the acids that may be in the drinks and food we take are not the only factors that determine the extent of dental erosion. Some other factors that include the physical and chemical properties of one’s enamel can cause adherence to these exposures. (Lussi 2000) It is worth noting that the environment one is living in may make him acquire a pellicle layer that may cause modification to alter changes in the erosion of the mineral forming the enamel upon exposure to potential drinks. (Finke  2002)

The above-mentioned observations can be used to determine the pH of drinks that are to be manufactured in order to make them safe to the enamel. It can also be used in developing effective drugs for use in dental health and thus reduce the cases of tooth decay, which leads to tooth loss. The liquids present in the substances vomited contain a very high concentration of acids and thus it is important to rinse the mouth with plenty of water after vomiting as this reduces the concentration of the acids. Brushing teeth after vomiting is not helpful, as this seems to aggravate the situation. Applying toothpaste on the teeth using a finger can help in removing the bad taste that is left in the mouth. (Columbian University College of Dental Medicine 2009) It is recommended for anyone to rinse his or her mouth thoroughly after taking any type of food or beverages since water dilutes acids that might be present in the mouth after eating.

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