Essay: Aviation Industry

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Essay: Aviation Industry

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It is of paramount importance to note that the aviation industry has gone a long way in ensuring the safety of its customers, employees and those who are around them. Despite the fact that there are numerous air routes being introduced in every place the airlines are investing heavily on security while taking those flights. Airlines nowadays even fly to the areas that were deemed insecure in the past but very few incidences of insecurity are reported. International airlines have taken security upon them and work hand in hand with the respective governments in their destination countries to tighten security. They also employ qualified engineers and pilots to make sure that they minimize the occurrences of accidents. It is of great importance for all security personnel to ensure that there is security of international airlines that are using their territories no matter their political differences that may be existing between the said states. There should not be cases of victimization simply because the victims are not citizens of the state that is in a better position to offer assistance. (Nordell 2010)

On the other hand international agencies vet those whom they are processing their travel plans, to make sure that they pose the minimum risk possible. This is made possible by ensuring that the documents a customer has presented are genuine. This is because most of those who hamper ill motives usually use fake documents in their quest to travel. Individuals who are known to have a history of aviation crime are even denied the processing of their travel. The agencies do this because they are trusted by the airlines who give them the contracts of processing their customers’ needs.

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