Essay: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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Essay: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was a founding father ofAmericaand talented man who had developed skills in the areas of arts, sciences, humanities and the languages. He was a leading author and an accomplished printer, politician, scientist, postmaster, diplomat, statesman and a civic activist (Arson, 2005).

Despite his great achievements Benjamin’s formal education ended early at the age of ten since his parents could not afford to take him to school. He then helped his father till the age of twelve when he became his brother James apprentice.

It was while he was performing his duties at his brother’s printing shop that he developed the printing skills. James taught Benjamin to print, and later when James founded theNew Englandcourant Ben helped him with the paper. It is important to realize that despite Ben’s early school drop out, he was still interested with books and writings. Benjamin’s first love was poetry but he soon turned to prose (Buxbaum, 1988). Despite this change his thirst for writings never ceased if anything he became an avid reader of writings.

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