Essay: The Augustus of Prima Porta

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Essay: The Augustus of Prima Porta

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The Augustus of Prima Porta is a statue of Augustus Caesar. The sculpture is a romanticized sculpture of the military leader and inspired by the Doryphoros which  was  constructed centuries before. The sculpture of Augustus Prima Porta was discovered in a villa in rural roman village.. The sculpture, which is in marble, is believed to be a copy of the original bronze sculpture (Farber, 2005).. Augustus Prima Porta is portrayed in the characteristic adlocutio stance and wearing military regalia, which suggests that he is addressing soldiers (Klynne & Liljenstolpe, 2000).

The support base for the structure is cupid riding on a dolphin, while Augustus’ breastplate is decorated with astrological symbols and depictions of the goddess Diana and Apollo. The statue is barefooted, a sharp contrast to what would be expected from a military general who always wore shoes especially when on the battlefield, (Klynne & Liljenstolpe, 2000. The barefooted Augustus gives the statue a direct relationship with Polykleitos’ statue, Dorophoros.

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