Essay: Attitudes of Senior Management to International Operations

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Essay: Attitudes of Senior Management to International Operations

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In order to internationalize HRM function of an organization, it has less to do with behaviors and concern, but more with states of mind and mindsets (Wilkinson and Redman 2006). This aspect is the most powerful and significant variable that gives the distinction between domestic and international HRM (Sparrow 2004).

This is because domestic HRM mostly dwell on the organizational and employees behavior, while international level behavior is substantiated with states of mind and mindsets. Therefore, there is a need for managers at international level to have strong international orientation to emphasize the importance of international operations in terms of corporate objectives and goals (Stroh 2005: 469).

The focus of a corporate HR manager is to work with top management in fostering the desired global mindset. In order to achieve this, the HR manager should be able to reason globally and design and implement policies that enhance development global oriented staff (Sparrow 2004; Barsoux and Schneider 2003).

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