Essay: Athabasca river-Rise of toxic substances downstream

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Essay: Athabasca river-Rise of toxic substances downstream

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Rise of toxic substances downstream, pollution effect of river Athabasca has increased the level of toxic substances most notably there’s observable steady increase in the carcinogens in waterways and sediments (Dr. Jeffrey, 2007). Furthermore, it is estimated that about 90 percent of the water used to process the tar sand ends up in acutely toxic tailing ponds, whereby it is reported that ponds are already leaking over 11 million liters a day of contaminated water into the river system.

Going by this leakage and an estimate that for every barrel of oil extracted, produces six barrels of tailing; it threatens the entire river basin survival. As a consequence, Mackenzie River Basin Board, (2003) report shows that game and fish animals are found covered with mutations and tumors and also the poisoning result in over 8,000 oiled and drowned birds annually. The effects of high toxic level extends beyond our animal community to the creator and entity responsible to solve the problem; human life.

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