Essay: Athabasca river-damage water shed

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Essay: Athabasca river-damage water shed

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Damage to Athabasca water shed. The Standing Committee on Natural Resources, (2007) reveals that the problem of damaging the water shed can be perceived in the sense that 2.4.5 barrels of water is required to produce one barrel of oil from sand. Although water used is returned to water cycle through processes of evaporation.

The research indicates that for every one barrel of oil produced, at least one barrel of water is contaminated and it is deposited into a tailing pond reducing river volume. As a result there’s insufficient instream flows. Hence this can create insufficient flows to sustain the river system. There indications of negative trends in downstream of Athabasca’s River flow since there is a decline in the summer flow at Fort Mc Murray by 19.8% in 2003 form 33.35 1958 (Standing Committee on Natural Resources, 2007). The damaging of water shed reduces the river’s volume and competence to dissolve and transport toxic substances, which increases the level of toxic substances within the river system felt at downstream.

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