Essay: Athabasca river system

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Essay: Athabasca river system

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The great and famous river of Athabasca which covers the area south of slave basin that originates from eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains (Suncor, 2005) is turned into a greater danger and hazard for downstream part of the river’s ecosystem resulting from tar sand exploitation. The endangerment is not only limited to destruction of river catchment and river chemistry, but also to the communities that rely on the river system as source for their livelihood in the downstream river Athabasca. The communities mostly affected by endangered river system are Hinton, White court, Jasper, Athabasca and Fort Mc Murray.

However, the outstanding issue is the resultant pollution of 90% of river Athabasca waters (Dr. Jeffrey, 2007). Hence, it is clear that exploitation of tar sand has created an ecological crisis within the Athabasca river system. As we witness the ecological impact downstream of river Athabasca, the outstanding question today to all stakeholders remains to be how long and when proper action shall be taken to stop this mess to life and environment. In order to call attention of all stakeholders to take responsibility of the devastating outcomes as a result of tar exploitation, we ought to evaluate the impact and damage caused by tar sand exploitation to this once beautiful and safe river .In other words, damage or effects exposure precedes calls for corporate responsibility into the environmental crisis.

In this regard, these papers shall seek to explore and examine how tar sand exploitation affects down stream part of the river Athabasca. In examining these effects, the paper shall look at both humanitarian and environmental impacts.

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