Essay: My Aspirations to become an Industrial Engineer

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Essay: My Aspirations to become an Industrial Engineer

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Other than my adolescence years, I have overcome many challenges, that otherwise would have restricted my self-esteem. Being the one who has been given the responsibility by our parents, amongst the four children, to pursue dreams in the United States, I was aware of my duty, not to squander the trust given to me as this was going to provide me with countless opportunities for success.

Learning the virtues of perseverance and resolve from my past experiences and also from the teachings of my parents, I knew for sure that given the opportunity to pursue my goal of being an Industrial Engineer in an esteemed academic institution, and with proper attitude and guidance, there was no obstacle that I could not overcome.

I am truly grateful for having been born into a family that gives importance to high

standards of education and virtues such as discipline, decency, and perseverance, as these are the qualities that have allowed me to learn from life’s lessons. Moreover, by participating in numerous tournaments in Abacus, I have learned that in order to win, endless practices are needed to assure that there is increased chances of success.

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