Essay: Asian Works of Art at Stanford Museum

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Essay: Asian Works of Art at Stanford Museum

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Stanford Museum (The Cantor Center) is a metropolitan museum, which is located in New York that exhibits pieces of art from all over the world. The fact that entry to the museum is free as well parking ensures that it receives very many visitors both from the US as well from other countries. Visitors are able to sample pieces of work from the different cultures in the world because they are all located in the same place. Asian art is from the ancient times is exhibited at the museum.

Although King Narasimhadeva built, the Stone Work at Konark in the thirteenth century, it shows how religious architecture was advanced even during those times. The temple was built using black granite but it is decorated a lot using carvings of stone. It was originally located in Konark a town that is in Orissa state in India. The temple was made to resemble the chariot of Surya, or as is commonly referred to as the sun god and it has twenty-four wheels and seven horses. In addition, it has columns and panels, which are beautifully carved out of stone to resemble a gigantic chariot. This shows the importance that the Indians place on the sun god. Gods are supposed to be worshipped and this shows that the Indians wanted a chariot that would take the sun god across the heavens any time he felt like doing it. This is the reason why the temple creators emphasized on its decorations because they did not want to disappoint their sun god.

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