Essay: Arts as preparation for Workplace competencies

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Essay: Arts as preparation for Workplace competencies

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It is argued that through learning arts, it prepares students for life beyond schools to the world of work along with providing continuing opportunities to sharpen workplace skills. This is the ultimate long-term objective of schools to prepare a competent workforce which can actually be actualized by integrating arts with academics. Key areas boosted with arts learning are resources allocation and utilization enforced through aspects that relate planning and producing a dramatic performance or concert (Ellen, Hetland, p. 6).

Second, it boosts interpersonal Skills such as team working skills, leading, negotiating, and working well with people from culturally diverse backgrounds enhanced by such aspects as being a member of a theatrical cast (Ellen, Hetland, p. 5). Moreover, arts learning help to develop a technology conscious person that can aid in selecting equipment and tools, maintaining and troubleshooting technologies and applying technology to specific tasks. Which is practiced by a student in circumstances that engages him or her on how to choose the right brushes, colors, and other materials for a visual arts project or rehearsal problem solving techniques.

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