Essay: Article on male and female administration

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Essay: Article on male and female administration

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The article does not designate the initiative’s organizational structure as the reason for the conflicting relationship between the female administration and the male administration.  Instead, the structure is considered as a component that only intensified this conflicting relationship.  The organizational structure was initially based on the ideal principles of a social or community initiative. Yet, both the female and male parties corrupted these defining principles and established the “loose” organizational structure.

The initial structure lacked any contribution from the conflicting parties but was altered by these parties whom established this “loose” organizational structure.  Contrary to the article’s denial of the structure as the cause for the conflict, a component of the conflict was actually caused by the selfish need to alter the defining premise of the structure.  This selfish need eventually produced a “loose” structure that further intensified the conflict between the two parties.  Each party either used, avoided or altered the defining premise of the structure, causing a conflict which was motivated by a conscious or unconscious attempt to selfishly battle within a newly established “loose” version of the ideal organizational structure.  However, neither the male nor the female parties ever offered a sincere understanding of the initiative’s defining premise nor its organizational structure.  Therefore, the conflicting parties used vague understandings of the structure’s defining principles to aid manipulative or defensive tactics. These tactics, based on the concept of feminism, promoted individual or collective beliefs, accusations, policies, and insults.  The female parties used feminism to “justify” and defend themselves against the bullying and exclusion by the male party.  The male parties used the concept of feminism to validate their “dissatisfaction” and “resistance” to a perceived “radical feminist takeover.” Other than the use and misuse of the concept of feminism, the article does not offer any other causes for this conflicting relationship while denying the organizational structure as a cause for this conflict. However, along with the use and misuse of this concept, related conflicts ignited as a response to the initiative’s organizational structure.  Essentially, conscious or unconscious agreements or disagreements with the principles of the organizational structure provided the reason for this conflicting relationship.

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