Essay: Art education-Mathematics skills

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Essay: Art education-Mathematics skills

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According to Hamblen (1993), states that some types of music instruction help students develop the capacity for spatial temporal reasoning “ability to understand the relationship of ideas and objects in space and time” this is integral to the acquisition of important Mathematics skills. It has been established that high school students who take music are likely to score high on standardized mathematics tests such as the SAT because scholars assert that music training in rhythm emphasizes proportion, ratios and patterns expressed as mathematical relations (John, Catterall and Richard, 2004).

Learning Arts is Basic

The evidence based research indicate that arts learning experiences contribute to the development of student’s thinking, motivational and social skills which are considered basic for success in life, work and school. The skills acquisition is rooted in the connectivity between arts learning with their influence on the general capacities of the mind, social relationships and self-perceptions.

Cognitive skills

Cognitive skills or thinking skills as operation of various thought processes such as creativity, reasoning ability, problem solving, intuition, imagination, perception and inventiveness are some of the thought processes associated which a student can acquire through studying arts (Minton, p. 62). Participation of arts form enhances development of thinking skills and transfer of those skills to other subjects that improves performance.

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