Essay: Art education-academic and social benefits

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Essay: Art education-academic and social benefits

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Importantly, studies presents compelling evidence connecting student learning in the arts to a wide spectrum of academic and social benefits including workplace related benefits. This studies base their conclusions on the personal dispositions, habits of mind, and social competencies inherent to arts learning. Furthermore, the research conducted indicate that learning arts education helps learners to master other subjects such as reading, social studies or mathematics.

It’s also evident that students who participate in arts learning activities and experiences generally high achievement in realms of learning and life than students who do not participate in art learning. In support of these sentiment, national research conducted by researchers from universities of Los Angeles and California using a federal database of over 25,000 middle and high (Catterall, 2002; Helen and Moore, 2002; Vaughn, 2002)

School students, found out that arts student performed better on standardized achievement tests than non-arts student (Catterall, 2002). It is also established that students who participate in arts learning they watch fewer hours of TV programs, report less boredom in schools and accounts to a high social benefit returns as they participate more in community services (Ellen, Hetland, p. 5). Learning of arts proves to be beneficial in the sense that it aids and boosts the notion of knowledge transfer “learning in one context assists learning in a different context” among students who learns arts.

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