Essay: Arizona constitution-public education

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Essay: Arizona constitution-public education

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Finally, public education in Arizona is also another area which is strictly controlled by the Arizona constitution. This is inclusive of all types of schools be it elementary, middle or high schools. Included in this lot are also colleges and universities. In Article 11, these schools’ conduct and supervision is delegated to a board of education, superintendent of public instruction, among other governing bodies as per the law. The constitution has served citizens with low income earnings as it provides for the establishment of free schools.

Furthermore, it also facilitates the acquisition of permanent state school funds which in Article 11, Section 8, should be derived from the sale of school lands, from estate shares and any bequests made to the state for educational purposes (Arizona State Legislature, 2010). Gifford and Hunter (2000) emphasize the integral role of constitutional provisions for school funding on the effectiveness of the public education system. Its impeccable endeavor to safeguard the wellbeing of the visually and hearing impaired has also ensured their appropriate treatment in their search for education.

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