Essay: Arizona constitution-election of officers

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Essay: Arizona constitution-election of officers

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The article also specifies on the election of these officers, their qualifications, duties and powers. This ensures the effective use of the law when there are individuals or groups of people embarked on using corrupt and selfish means. Furthermore, citizens within a particular county are empowered to elect leaders of their choice and also in the enactment of county charters. Ideally, when the county’s citizens implore for the collection of taxes it must be done under the provision of the county charters. This protects citizens from unfair imposition of taxes.

Municipalities are also subject to the jurisdiction of the Arizona constitution. As outlined by McClory (2001), Article 13 of the said constitutions dictates the conditions for the creation of municipalities. Section 1 of the article notes that the municipalities are not created by any special laws but by the existing legislature. The constitution mandates the minimal population for any city’s or town’s elevation into a municipality as 3,500 residents. Only then can these residents elect a board of freeholders which further develops a charter for the creation of the municipality. Again, the constitution explicitly leaves the role of enacting such crucial decisions to the citizens. Only after they have voted and a majority of the citizens having voted in favor of the charter is it passed. The Arizona constitution also gives municipalities the right to engage in business or entrepreneurial activities as stated in Article 13, section 5. This positively impacts on the municipality especially since such enterprises like garbage collection and waste disposal for all households can work positively in the municipal’s development.

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