Essay: Aristotle and discartes on the person-discartes ideas

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Essay: Aristotle and discartes on the person-discartes ideas

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As a consequence of Descartes ideas, it means that human person has body and mind interconnected but exists in separate state in the sense that body as a corporeal objects can readily be divided into parts while mind can not, which alone teach that the mind or soul is entirely different from the body. To further reiterate on the distinction, it is common wisdom that mind does not receive impressions from the body directly but from the brain. However, it should be noted that most sensory nerves that transmit pulses pass through body organs to the brain for interpretation. Therefore, in the event some parts of the body can feel excited as though it’s a leg or had feeling pain. But, it should be distinguished that it’s the mind that is excited to remove the part affected from the evil of the pain. This interconnection serves the purpose of conservation of the body.

The interpretive notion means that the Cartesian mind-body dualism advanced by Descartes can be compared to a functioning computer. Whereby, the hardware houses the software that runs the computer programs and that both are important in relation to each other. Descartes thus concludes that nature lessons of sensations of pain, hunger and thirst, imply that human person is not only lodged in body as a pilot in a ship, but so closely united to it that it seem to compose with it one whole. Because if that were not the case, when the body is hurt, human person as a thinking creature, would not feel and it will be the way the sailor sees the damage to his vessel that is not part of.

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