Essay: Aristotle and discartes on human person-example

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Essay: Aristotle and discartes on human person-example

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For example, in examining response given to the following questions:

Question 1: Why do apples fall from the boughs of trees?

Answer 1: Because apples are terrestrial things and terrestrial things tend to move toward the centre of the   Earth

Question 2: Why do the stars in the sky form the patterns we identify as constellations night after night?

Answer 2: Because stars are celestial bodies and the heavens are unchanging

The explanation or answer taught by Aristotle to the questions above such as terrestrial and celestial terms are not explanatory categories in Cartesian physics and thus cannot be employed to give a compelling explanation to a philosophical problem. And also it is false to explain that the heavens are unchanging which is far from being an explanandum in physics. Such doubts helped Descartes to build up from that to those few things which we can know with certainty. This provides a basis on which Descartes calls into question traditional claims in his Meditations.

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