Essay: Arguments on a Study on Obesity

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Essay: Arguments on a Study on Obesity

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Lev Vygotsky’s sociocultural theories of development also agree with the results of the present study.  The theorist was concerned with individual development in the context of sociocultural influences (Mehan, 1984).  Our research has indeed revealed that the thirty year old woman suffering from the problem of obesity blames her parents for being overweight.

The subject’s parents and siblings had been overweight as well.  Vygotsky’s theory has a genetic component, as mentioned previously.  The theorist has written:

We need to concentrate not on the product of development but on the very process by which higher forms are established….  To encompass in research the process of a given thing’s development in all its phases and changes – from birth to death – fundamentally means to discover its nature, its essence, for “it is only in movement that a body shows what it is.”  Thus, the historical [that is, in the broadest sense of history] study of behavior is not an auxiliary aspect of theoretical study, but rather forms its base (Vygotsky, 1978).

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