Essay: Arguments to Review a Research; Narration

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Essay: Arguments to Review a Research; Narration

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The proposed study is planned to be conducted on two hundred and fifty patients and plans to continue for 18 months. I feel that the sample size is too small for such a long term study considering that there is always a risk for a number of patients wishing to withdraw from the study over this period of time.  Since this is a single centre study and relies on patients coming to the same for their physical therapy, I can stated that the risk of loss to follow is also present as participants may change their physical therapy centres over the period of research and/or may have a change of address. The sample size should be large enough to account for these losses.

The study’s aim is to compare the effect of patient’s preference in choosing the physiotherapy procedures and measuring the clinical outcomes due to it. The proposed study calls for and assumes that the different therapeutical procedures on offer have similar efficacy rates and are of secondary importance. The proposed study attempts to categorize all modes of intervention into a single group. This is wrong as each therapeutic tool available for use will have different efficacies.

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