Essay: Arguments against Capital Punishment

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Essay: Arguments against Capital Punishment

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Bedau, Hugo Adam & Cassell, Paul G. Debating the death penalty: should America have capital punishment? : The experts on both sides make their best case, Oxford, Oxford University Press US, 2004

This is a book with the combination of ideas from two writers and has 242 pages. It considers the arguments by three attorneys, two professors and two judges. Four of the essays written by these professionals are in favor of the argument while four are against capital punishment. Bedau, a philosopher in Tufts University and Cassel, Utah court judge try to weigh the arguments in both sides of the essays to come up with the best decision to rely on.

This book is a bit different from the other books against capital [punishment since the arguments in the other books do not discuss the arguments that are in favor of capital punishment. They instead give arguments, which are only against the issue to ensure that it is abolished. This book on the contrary considers all the sides of the issue and tries to pick on the one with more weight.

By use of this book, the governments are left to decide on the decision to make. They are provided with points against and in favor of but the final decision is not made. Different countries will have to pick on the best side depending on how strong the arguments for it are. It is a very good book that takes away the mentality people have that one is either against or for capital punishment.

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