Essay: Arguments on Battle over Citizen Kane

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Essay: Arguments on Battle over Citizen Kane

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As Orson Welles would later admit, ‘We had somebody very different in the place of Marion Davies. And it seemed to me to be something of a dirty trick .. And I anticipated the trouble from Hearst for that reason.’ (Battle over Citizen Kane).His wrong portrayal of her as a ‘poor opera singer’ despite her being ‘genuinely talented’ and representing him as an individual who thought he could ‘buy love’, Welles made a mockery of his personal life, which enraged Hearst. Secondly, his political life, and his deep ambitious desire to become the most powerful man of the States was showcased in a way that represented him as a man who had based his career ‘singlehandedly, using his power of press, sent one of the most powerful nations to war. The people of theUnited Stateshad been manipulated.’ (Study World)

However, one of the most essential reasons would have to be the portrayal of Hearst as a ‘loveless monster’ who ‘doesn’t realize that there is more to loving than gifts.’ A man, as shown in Citizen Kane, who ‘discovered the power he controlled and then proceeded to abuse it.’(Study World). Not only this enraged Hearst, but provided him enough grounds to base his war against the movie, Citizen Kane. The greatest irony that was conveyed, was how ‘the means Hearst had used to lay bare the lives of others had been used on him’- Nancy Loe.

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