Essay: Argument to Reject a Research; An Example

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Essay: Argument to Reject a Research; An Example

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After due consideration and evaluation of the proposal for the study titled “Patient preference and clinical outcomes in patients receiving physiotherapy for back pain: A randomized controlled trial”, I recommend that the grant not be provided for this study.

There have been attempts made in the past to understand the relationship between patient preferences and clinical outcomes as a result. Randomised controlled trials (RCT) in the past have usually been underpowered. Usually the interaction tests are the statistical tests used in measuring the relationship between preference and clinical outcomes. Since these tests have a low power, they do not provide us with irrefutable evidence of ‘interaction’ even when it may be present. Hence interaction studies such as the proposed one require a large sample size which your proposed study does not plan to undertake.

The study’s aim is to compare the effect of patient’s preference in choosing the physiotherapy procedures and measuring the clinical outcomes due to it. The proposed study calls for and assumes that the different therapeutical procedures on offer have similar efficacy rates and it attempts to categorize them into a single group. This is wrong as each therapeutic tool available for use will have different efficacies.

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