Essay: Archeology-Vindolanda

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Essay: Archeology-Vindolanda

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Recent archaeological excavations at Vindolanda, Northumberland and at York have uncovered considerable quantities of bryophytic material. The mosses are considered here not in terms of their value to the archaeologist as indicators of prevailing environmental conditions but from an ethnological viewpoint.

There is strong reason to believe that the mosses at both sites were deliberately harvested in large quantities and employed mainly for their bedding, packing, insulatory and absorbent qualities (Seaward & Williams 1976). Large-scale excavations took place in the site of Inamgaon in Western India to unravel in order to acquire some information about the culture of the Chalcolithic farmers. Excavations were carried out twelve seasons (1969-1982). The main objective in undertaking large-scale excavations at Inamgaon was to obtain detailed knowledge of material culture of the Chalcolithic farmers (Sheena 1999).

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