Essay: Archeology-settlement and mobility

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Essay: Archeology-settlement and mobility

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In order to interpret settlement and mobility, settlement archaeology is utilized in the sense studies implantation and selection criteria of settlements in the landscape. Moreover, settlement archaeology deals with interrelationships between urban centers and their rural set ups, human settlement impact on the natural environment in the past era. Thus, settlement archaeology aims at reconstructing cultures of ancient urban and their hinterlands, and rural settlements (Settlement Archeology 2007).

Settlement archaeological research is by definition a multidisciplinary enterprise requiring expertise from the disciplines of the natural and social sciences, architecture and city planning, as well as specialized techniques related to the retrieval, recording, analysis and data bank management of archaeological data (GIS), site conservation and cultural resource management. Disciplines and interdisciplinary sub-disciplines required in addition to archaeology include geology, environmental geomorphology, archaeozoology, paleontology, paleobotany, archaeometry, ancient history, anthropology, sociology, urban geography, classical architecture and city planning (Settlement Archeology 2007).

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