Essay: Archeology-Jean Francois

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Essay: Archeology-Jean Francois

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Jean Francois is on record for his efforts to explore Gallinazo Group a 2,000 year old city that has barely been touched by excavators.  At 70 hectares in size, the Gallinazo Group was one of the largest urban centre, in the New World, during its existence. It was built by a people that some archaeologists refer to as the “Gallinazo culture.”

Warren Air Force Base is a historical fact where Native American Families pulled their travois before even the military families pulled their travel trailers there. Natine Americans began camping in the Base areas back many years approximated to be 11,500 years ago during the Paleo-Indian period. The goal of the 1992 fieldwork, then, was to: determine the extent of the buried portion of the site to the south; expand samples of diagnostics, tools, and subsistence remains; and examine geomorphologically similar locales to the west to determine whether 48LA277 is a unique site or whether similar areas along the Crow Creek drainage were used in similar manners. The resulting information was used both in the interpretive center and to enhance the existing knowledge of the prehistory of the area.

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