Essay: Archeology-artifacts

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Essay: Archeology-artifacts

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The artifacts and records are stored and curated at the Base’s state-of-the-art curation facility (Melissa Connor’s 1997). In 1991, a total of 3.5 cubic meters of site 48LA277 was excavated within five excavation units. Within these units, six fire pits were found and four totally excavated. The fire pits yielded radiocarbon dates, pollen, and macrobotanical specimens, as well as lithic and faunal materials.

The excavations outside the fire pits also yielded cultural remains, resulting in a total of 108 lots of faunal material, 227 pieces of lithic material, and two ceramic sherds. This testing suggested that much more cultural material was present than was originally thought (Melissa Connor’s 1997). The interpretations out of the knowledge acquired through the above mentioned exercise helps to determine when the land-use patterns began and how they varied overtime.

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