Essay: Approaches to Prevent Future Oil Rig Disasters

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Essay: Approaches to Prevent Future Oil Rig Disasters

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One argument is that that U.S Gulf Coast which is regarded as the area where majority of the oil reserves are, is the most sensitive area, being ‘highly prone to powerful storms and hurricanes’ which can be seen by the fact that one of the largest oil spills was caused by the Hurricane Katrina when it ravaged the Gulf Coast. Where, alongwith Hurricane Rite, it as been estimated to have caused a damage of over ‘741000 gallons of oil spilled directly into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico’. (Surfrider)

Furthermore, the damage that is caused by such accidents may have long term effects that may prove devastating towards the well-being of the planet, and may destroy the ecological system, that could possibly trigger an irreparable chain of events leading to a greater climatic and environmental devastation. Therefore, the damage that can be caused by a single oil spill is too colossal to be taken lightly. Furthermore, by expanding the oil drilling campaigns will not be particularly helpful towards assuring that the USA is able to depend less on the import of oil, because despite an increase in such drillings, the demand is so high that the need to import will still arrive as the article by the Surfrider Foundation states:

The United States is far and away the world’s largest consumer of oil, churning through 20.7 million barrels. By contrast, the United States only produces 8.3 million

barrels a day. According to Robert Kaufmann, Director of the Center for Energy and

Environmental Studies at Boston University, even under the most optimistic scenario, the United States would only produce an additional 2 and 4 million barrels a day leaving an import deficient of approximately 8.4 million barrels a day. As such, even after lifting the federal moratorium on offshore drilling, the United States would still need to import 40% of its daily oil consumption. (Surfrider)

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