Essay: Approach to archaeological interpretation

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Essay: Approach to archaeological interpretation

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There is a great distinction between the methodology in History and that in Archeology. The historical studies are concerned more with secondary data available such as journals, archives or books, while archaeology concern more with excavations. This distinction is worth noting because it helps us understand the methodology carried out in archeology and more importantly, the source of their information or material of study. In this regard, an archeologist who seeks to do any interpretation cannot go to a library and source it from there as no archeological records can be found in a library.

There cannot be an effective interpretation if there are no materials available to the archeologist. In other words, archeology and its entire methodology cannot take place in a vacuum. Archeological records consist of all the information found in archaeological survey, excavation and laboratory analysis. Archaeological record contain vast information that reveal human past showing evidence of occupied areas by humans showed by human remains obtained in those areas.  The obtained remains are studied by archaeologists through field surveys and laboratory studying of collected remains (International History Project 2003).

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