Essay: Application of Quantitative Research Method

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Essay: Application of Quantitative Research Method

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To undertake quantitative research the employment of scientific methods are usually sought which may include the generation of models which then leads to theories and hypothesis. This then branches out into the development of instruments that together with various devised methods will in turn help with the measurement as far as calculating statistically is concerned. After that, a controlled experiment is taken place and then the variables are shifted around in order to help achieve a clearer idea and a more objective and reliable result. Then the empirical data is collected, which is the used in the modelling and analysis of the data further on. This data is then evaluated and used.

One of the most important and essential developments that have taken place as far educational research is concerned has been through the use of factor analysis that was developed by Charles Spearman. Factor analysis is used as a means to the summarization of the relationships that may be present in a large set of variables or and then goes on to develop theories about mental constructs such as self-efficacy or anxiety, and assess the reliability and validity of test scores. (Thompson, B. (2004)) Since then, factor analysis has become an integral stature as a research tool in almost all the educational psychological researches that are carried out.

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