Essay: What is Apartheid

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Essay: What is Apartheid

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The word apartheid is a word of the Afrikaans language and literally comes to mean segregation in the English language.  The years of South Africa during the apartheid rule were some of the most horrific years in South Africa’s history.

A legalized system which enforced racism was in place, post independence from the British-Dutch colonial rule. From 1948 till the 1990, the national party enforced the segregation rules of racism with all the government machinery available to them. The black people were segregated from the whites in every single aspect of their lives. They were segregated in health care, an inferior education system etc. The government policy was designed in such a way as to ensure that south African white grew up to be better people with more opportunities and the blacks became destined for low end jobs or even worse, with joblessness.

The government detained and tortured people and human rights workers without trials. The government also banned and repressed political and socialist movements which dared speak against racism and the atrocities of the apartheid. These political movements had the support of the black majority and even from exile or from prison the leaders of the struggle against apartheid movements continued to make progress towards their goal of South Africa free of apartheid.

Their dream finally became reality after years of international isolation and pressure, the South African government dismantled the apartheid system of racism between 1990 and 1993 through negotiations with the anti apartheid groups. The elections were held in 1994 the first ever post apartheid elections, and along with these came hope of a better future and brighter prospects for the black population.

South Africa post apartheid has come a long way in reform but certain issues are still bogging down the country’s progress

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