Essay: Anxiety disorders co-exist with other disorders

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Essay: Anxiety disorders co-exist with other disorders

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This Anxiety Disorders in most cases usually co-exist with other disorders which has raised a contention to scholarly world to examine, evaluate and propose best approaches in relation to its treatment. This is a complex phenomenon since the patient may exhibit more than one disorder that brings about a daunting task to medical persons to treat. Therefore, examining the Comorbidity of Anxiety Disorders among adolescents and young adults proves to useful step in offering a more compelling treatment, intervention and management of persons diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

According to (Cornelius, Clark 2007, p. 329), they defines comorbidity condition as the presence of more than one disorder in the same person at the same time he or she is diagnosed or exhibits the signs of either disorder. Therefore, Comorbidity of Anxiety Disorders shall refer to the presence of other disorders which co-exist with an individual diagnosed with anxiety disorders. For instance, an individual can be diagnosed with both depressive and anxiety disorders. Good example for the case can be a person diagnosed with both MDD (major depressive disorder) and SAD (social anxiety disorder).

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