Essay: Antigone’s Tragic Death

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Essay: Antigone’s Tragic Death

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Antigone’s tragic death was meant by Sophocles to raise opposition to punishment by death penalty in Athens. She was supposed to be stoned to death in the city center according to Creon’s first announcement, but was instead cruelly buried alive in a tomb with minimal food supply (Sophocles 724). Creon did not kill her by his own hand, but left Antigone to die of starvation. It would have been better to kill the innocent soul than to torture her by hunger and thirst. Such torture was unnecessary and only resulted to further push Antigone over the edge and commit suicide.

Antigone’s death sentence was too harsh of a punishment for the crime she had committed according to the human law. Even if she disobeyed King Creon’s law, it was wrong to kill Antigone for the burial of her family member. Thus, Sophocles is criticizing the level of severity of punishment one receives for a certain crime committed. Antigone should have paid a much lesser penalty. More so, the intention of Creon to save Antigone after being warned of the tough repercussions is a clear indication that Creon found the justification for Antigone’s actions though he had initially remained adamant despite earlier warnings.

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