Essay: Anti spam bill in Canada

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Essay: Anti spam bill in Canada

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It is usually the final stage of a bill in parliament. This is the point at which the fate of the bill is determined and parliamentarians must decide whether to adopt the bill or reject it. Debating upon the bill is done just like in the second reading and amendments to the bill are still possible whether the bill underwent the six or three month hoist, or even if reasoned amendments stages (Compendium). At the same time, the bill could be subjected to further referral to the committee for further amendments. A similar motion is used it the third reading and passage of the bill meaning that both third reading and passing are done at the same sitting without separating them (John & Thomas 77).

Bill C28, anti-spam bill received its third reading on 23rd November 2010. In its third reading, members asked questions concerning the impact the bill was going to have on the overall economic status. Hon. Clement came out strongly by first criticizing those that were alleging of adverse effects on the business community. He said that all business and entertainment considerations were considered and there was no need to fear. He cited consultative discussions that had been done between the affected groups with which a consensus was reached (John, 43).

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