Essay: Anti reductionism-Conclusion

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Essay: Anti reductionism-Conclusion

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In conclusion, the paper has pointed out the shortfalls as applied by reductionists in explaining and analyzing causation. In reaction to the arguments for anti-reductionism; it should be noted that anti-reductionism is first uninformative.  This is in the sense that anti-reductionists have no built-in story to tell about certain puzzling or paradoxical features of causation like issue as to whether causation is transitive. Second, anti reduction ism is ontologically extravagant and thirdly, Anti-Reductionism Courts Skepticism in certain facts and certain facts with causal commitments that are directly observable, at least in the weak sense.

Therefore, thus gives a lee way to turn to the theological aspect of reasoning in this postmodern era. Therefore, it directly diverts our attention towards God as the world and world as God [1]as advanced by Peacocke. So that we can realize and recognize the need of positioning God at the top of the hierarchy of reality has downward causal effects on processes that go on in the world top ease many of our conflicting ideas and thoughts. Though, the challenge remains to be the question of how God can have action on the world that He is not part of

[1] Kallenberg, Brad. Live to tell; Evangelism for a Postmodern Age: Brazos, 2002, p. 85

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