Essay: Anti Capitalism Measures taken by Hitler

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Essay: Anti Capitalism Measures taken by Hitler

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According to Lee (28), Hitler agreed to the fact that, it was the primary duty of the state to provide livelihoods for its citizens and nationalize all business entities while ensuring that there was profit sharing in large enterprises. Besides, it was the work of the state to abolish all incomes earned by the workers. This was anti – capitalism measures that he thought would develop Germany.  However all these are among the teachings of Marxism.

Marx himself disliked the concept of religion and was the bold in condemning its roots. Karl Marx regards the church as the opium of the masses that has been used by the capitalist to enhance its spread. On the other hand, Hitler hates Christianity. The criticism of the Roman Catholic was so evident in the manner that he exterminated the Polish priests. Piotrowski (28) notes that sixteen percent of the catholic clergymen were killed. Of these, thirteen of the sixteen bishops present during holocaust were sent to the concentration camps. Besides, he closed many religious institution, churches and even seminaries. The above actions were influenced by his hatred for the religion probably borrowed from the Marxist ideology.

During his rule, Hitler expressed hatred towards the Marxists of the time and to some extent, this hatred triggered some of his actions. Most of his leadership expressed disapproval of the Marxist Rhetoric on class war because for Marx, it was only by becoming aware of the antagonism between the political class and the ruled in the struggle for power, that the Germans could free themselves and change the existing society (Seiler 56). No way could Hitler allow the people of Germany to be more disintegrated than they were even if it meant forfeiting the doctrines of Marxism. In this regard, Hitler had to look for an alternative that would appeal and fit the situation of the people. This was in Nazism.

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