Essay: Anthony Manzo-Diversifying the curriculum

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Essay: Anthony Manzo-Diversifying the curriculum

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Multicultural education can be defined as a study field with the main aim of creating equal opportunities of education for all students regardless of the culture, social-class, ethnic or racial group. It mainly intends to help all students acquire skills, attitudes and knowledge so as to function effectively in the societies which are pluralistic and thus be able to communicate, negotiate and interact with others from different groups. This eventually is intended to lead to the creation of a moral and civic community working for a common good. Multicultural education draws theories, paradigms, and concepts and content form interdisciplinary fields that are specialized including women and ethnic studies. It also reinterprets, challenges and interrogates the above sought theories, paradigms, concepts and content (Banks & Banks).

Since knowledge is power, the age of information is upon us and it is the time for the educational system to follow suit. This implies that there is need of curriculum diversification to make the education valuable to the learners. Although diversification of curriculum has a number of benefits associated with it, it faces several obstacles making its implementation very difficult. It should be noted that curricula diversification positively changes institutions, students as well as the whole society (Kögler). While politics will argue against its transformation, an increasing amount of universities and colleges has transformed their curricula to improve upon truth and quality through multicultural education

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