Essay: Antagonistic Classes

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Essay: Antagonistic Classes

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Foucault holds that govermentality is attained through bio power aimed at totalizing the entire population so that all individuals observe a strict ethical code of conduct. He is especially opposed to the idea of totalitarianism and oppressive dictatorship as styles of governance. Power should not be a theme but a relation that brings about peaceful co existence among the citizens and their leaders. In essence, he purports to clarify the fact that exercise of power functions more efficiently at the social context. He is in opposition of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels idea of modern states being defined in class perspective and class-consciousness. They did argue that human societies are divided into two antagonistic classes at any one time in human history.

In Foucault’s view, class-consciousness result to class struggle between the masters and the slave, this eventually produced a new historical epoch that was defined by a process of production referred as capitalism. In a capitalist society, there are two antagonistic classes: The proletariat who are workers and the bourgeois who are property owners. This type of government is ideal for the bourgeois who are the minority at the expense of the serfs who make the majority of the population. It should therefore not be upheld, since ownership remains in the hands of the bourgeois even though the production process is socialized.

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