Essay: Ancient Greek philosophy; Its Implication in Modern Era

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Essay: Ancient Greek philosophy; Its Implication in Modern Era

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Despite some popular moves, such as those of  James Madison and Thomas Jefferson when they adopted his policies did not help towards the assuaging of the public wound that the political theory was based and steeped deep in the Machiavellian concepts that only heralded an era of monitoring and using moral values of that time to the states advantage. This in fact shows that it does not quite follow the ideas of those of the Greek and the Romans in the ancient age, but in essence, brought about a complete new and modern approach to the entire process while still trying to maintain a semblance of the Ancient Greek philosophy.

This then becomes a leading argument as to whether or not Machiavelli’s were a representation of realism or just plain evil in their approach. From the text itself, despite the implications of pure ideas that uphold deceit and public and political manipulation, there is an underlying hint that the roots of his theories were basically rooted in the belief in virtues that came from the Ancient Greek philosophy. This is because, he did not try or attempt to examine the existence of the state or give it any justification as to why it exists

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