Essay: Ancient Greece

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Essay: Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece can be considered as one of the earliest democracies since the likes of Socrates had their rights of say. Socrates taught his students who included Plato that their souls were the most important things in their lives. When Socrates was being tried in the court he was given a chance to defend himself showing that there was democracy. Socrates insisted on the need of every body being socially responsible to have a peaceful nation. (Irwin 2007)Women played a role in the political scene in ancient Greece and they were even allowed to engage in war as is evidenced in the Trojan War. (Mason 2010) even though non-Athenians who included the Metics were treated as slaves, their masters were not allowed to kill or beat them up. They had some rights and this shows that every body’s right to life was respected. (Schieder 2005)

Almost all the families in ancient Greece made sure that they owned a slave in order to increase their chances of earning an extra coin for the family. They valued the culture of working hard and this is why they incorporated the use of slaves in their day-to-day lives. (Schieder 2005) hard work for member of the society is the key of improving the economy. All the natives of Athens had a political right to determine how they would be governed and they abolished kingships during these times. Even though women were expected to respect their husbands’ decisions, they were expected to bring up their children in the rightful ways. The woman’s place was at home and thus they ensured that they gave their children the best up bringing they could get. This ensured that all the people would be socially responsible. (Mason 2010)

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