Essay: Analyzing a Photograph

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Essay: Analyzing a Photograph

My dark eyes bright, my gaze is directed to the camera. I am looking at it straight into the lens. As I look keenly I am standing with my stomach sticking out of my dress. My knees are bent, like I have bow legs, my white socks and red shoes look soaking wet.

This picture reminds me of the days we were young, especially growing in this house. It reminds me of the brief one year we spent on this street, in this neighborhood and in this house. This picture reminds me of the wonderful one year we spent in this part of the country. This picture takes me back to this particular day, a day in my young life I will never forget.

The camera captured a great moment in history. It reminds me of that event. It was a very good day for us. Though I look solemn we were happy, my elder brother hand just arrived from boarding school. It as his first time away from home and we missed him.

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