Essay: Analysis of where are you going where have you been

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Essay: Analysis of where are you going where have you been

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The devil is known to have some loyal followers called demons. This is evidenced in the case of Arnold for he has a very loyal friend, Elly who does not act unless when it is very necessary. When Connie meets Arnold with Elly at her home, she sees Elly as someone who is very harmless. He is quiet and remains in the background as Arnold converses with Connie. Once he sees Connie go to call for help, he pulls his weapon to threaten her to stop. It is at this point that we learn that he is as violent as any devil. This is a proof that he is a demon to his friend the devil, Arnold (Kirszner 534). He is there to help the devil whenever it is necessary.

The way Arnold manipulates Connie is not normal. With the fear Connie has after he sees the two men in the car, she is supposed to remain ion the house. If this unexpected visit were by any other ordinary man, Connie would have made her own firm decisions with little influence. It seen that Connie finally decides to go with Arnold but this is definitely out of her mind; she is not in her normal mind as she makes the decision. She is very uneasy talking to them but she cannot resist it since she is under the supernatural influence of the devil.

Although Connie has been a bit weird in the way she behaves differently from her sister, she is not used to going out with people she does not know. This implies that the soonest she sees Arnold’ car approaching, she should lock herself in the room. The fact that she waits for Arnold to approach her can be attributed to the supernatural power that Arnold possesses. She waits for him and talks to him even though she has never seen her before.

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