Essay: Analysis of You’ve Got Mail

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Essay: Analysis of You’ve Got Mail

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Although she tries hard to make her business stand again, it fails because of her stubbornness. She is not willing to invent any new methods to boost her business and thus her workers leave the job and look for jobs elsewhere with one going to work at Joe’s store where he is seen to have excellent skills. Later, Joe decides to go visit Cathleen who is sick and from here, he learns that she has broken up with her fiancé, Frank. Since Joe has also broken up with his girlfriend, Patricia, the two have a positive communication climate with each other right here for they start to fall in love. This relationship is contributed by loneliness and may be the affection, which has built in their hearts as they have always conversed through their mails.

The different types of communication climates that arise as Joe and Cathleen are conversing face to face are contributed by the superiority complex in Cathleen. She is the sole owner of her store and has to make all the plans and the moves to take after the plan fail. She has to be bitter after realizing that someone she has admired over the mails is her rival and the main contributor to the failure of her business. Since she is used to being independent, she exchanges bitter words to exercise her rights. On the other hand, the positive communication climate between the two is mainly contributed by caring and loving character traits in women. After Joe meets Cathleen in her store, she does not realize the ill motives of Joe and thus just like any other woman is friendly and social.  She sees her like any other of her friends. Although she is bitter after realizing the identity of Joe, loneliness contributes to her positive relationship with Joe. There is relational intimacy, which keeps the two characters together despite the harsh words they exchange. Her boyfriend has just broken with her and she is sick and no one to turn to. She is in need now that her business has closed up. She now desperately needs someone to lean on and thus cannot turn back on Joe’s feelings.

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