Essay: Analysis of “The World is Too Much with Us”

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Essay: Analysis of “The World is Too Much with Us”

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In “The World is Too Much with Us” Wordsworth presents us with a fatalistic view of the future through the prism of the present.   He tries to angrily warn us of what we are turning our world into, and of what we may become in this process of transformation.

He feels a profound sense of loss when he sees the world of nature around him crumbling and giving way to the edifice of modernity.  The sense of sadness and the anger is palpable throughout the poem, as he tries to understand the logic that lays bare green hills to feed the chimneys of the sprawling industrial estates.  His words continue to ring as true as they did at the time of the Industrial revolution, prompting us to re-examine out attitude towards our environment, and the limited natural resources that we continue to exploit and take for granted.

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