Essay: Analysis of Those Winter Sundays

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Essay: Analysis of Those Winter Sundays

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The poet does not break his lines or stanzas for the reason of rhyme but rather for point purposes. The lines have enough weight to stand on their own and make the reader understand the main theme of the poet more easily. Every line has a point to drive home and being written on its own makes it more clearly for there is no mixing of ideas. The main style employed by the poet is that of imagery and he tries to explain almost everything by use of other words.

While the words cold and harshness reflect the regrets the speaker has, the word warm reflects appreciation and respect  for the father although he is already dead. Ached and cracked hands further depict regrets on the side of the speaker for having not appreciated his father when he was still alive. The poem is full of harsh and cold imageries from the relationship that existed between the father and the son (Tyson 191). The poet has employed the use of metaphors in his work to further explain the sorrowful regrets of the son. By, “driven out the cold” (Hayden 11) signifies the efforts the father made to make sure that the life of the son was comfortable. It shows that the son could now see the positive efforts his father made. “Banked fires blaze” (Hayden 4)  is used to show that the fire that was made by the poet’s father was one, which could lead to warmth since it was not a small fire. He made sure that the fire was strong enough to keep the room warm for the son to be able to wake up. The words warm and cold are allusions that are used to bring contrasting imagery in the poem and show the deep regrets of the speaker. The poem is a sonnet poem for it has 14 lines with the images created by the words used carrying a lot of weight.

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